Changes in the Environment

Things are always in motion at Ashland Montessori School! The shelves in Practical Life have been changed. The Language area has had new works put out on the shelves.  The Art shelf is updated with seasonal  projects. In Science, we are learning the parts of a pumpkin ( skin, ribs, stem, meat, pulp, seeds) as well as the parts of a leaf (blade, stipulus, veins, margin.)  Continents are now out in Geography! The students have now been introduced to ten geometric solids (in the Sensorial area.) Ask your student to find geometric shapes at home. They know cube, cone, cylinder, square-based pyramid, triangular-based pyramid, ovoid, ellipsoid, rectangular prism, sphere and triangular prism! The Math area has new additions too! The students are on the move as well!    Music Play with Miss Amy has been fun and the children have two weeks behind them already.