A Walk Around Our Environment

A few weeks ago, after our “Montessori 101” presentation, some of you parents asked for details about the works in our environment. Here goes!  Practical Life On the Practical life shelves the works are as follows : Christmas/winter puzzle, assembling and disassembling a flashlight, a spooning activity, bead stringing, sorting, tweezing and using chop sticks. There is a basting work, wet pouring 1:2 and wet pouring 1:3 (including the use of a very small funnel) and leaf polishing as well as nut cracking.

Art Shelf There are many seasonal art activities and painting with a marble. There are coloring pages of a Menorah and a dreidel page as well as Christmas and snowman activities.

Language In the language area is nut sorting and naming, alphabet puzzles, rhyming , days of the week, month of the year and a large magnetic calendar.

Geography We are concentrating on North America currently, using the continent box.

Science One set of shelves in science is dedicated to parts of the body while the other set of shelves is a study of “magnetic & non-magnetic. (When the magnetic works were demonstrated, i told the children that magnets are magical!) Out on the tile floor is another science work – sink & float. It has not yet been demonstrated but the children will have a fun time classifying ( after observation) objects that sink or float. We will possibly make some predictions!

Math The math area shows the holiday season also, with mimi bows to count, glass marbles to count, 1:1 correspondence, writing  and/or highlighting numerals, and ordinal numbers.

Peace The peace shelf has had some books swapped in and out, the tracing work has changed and had a few new works added.

This concludes our walk for now. We’ll stroll again, when the works change..