Ashland Montessori School goes retro!

This past Thursday, when it was too wet to be on the playground, i dug out something “new” for us to do!  We have a record player and lots of vinyl. The children were amazed. “I’ve never seen that before!”  “What are those? We have a record with a song to use with bean bags – yet another cool “new” thing.  The song tells us to” throw the bean bag and catch, turn around, turn around, stamp, stamp, stamp.” Then we put the bean bag on our shoulder, on our elbow, on our stomach, fingers, foot, knee….the chorus says “put it on your head and walk around the room.”  What fun! What good listening skills!  On Friday, the children asked if we could play the records again!  Everything old is new again.    (i didn’t tell them that i still listen to a few 8 track tapes – we’ll save that for another rainy day!)                                                                                                                                                                                          dana