Cold weather

Just a quick reminder about weather, if the actual temperature and/or wind chill is 27º or colder, we cannot take the children outdoors. Temps. above 27º means that we can go out! Please make certain that your children have proper winter attire and please make sure that their names are on everything!

Now is the time for a back-up plan for snow days. Please have “plan B” in place if we have to close due to bad weather. Along a similar line of thought, it is not too late to sign up for a text message for school closing. Last Friday was my first group text. (I know it worked ’cause my son in Chicago sent me a note of congratulations! He got the text about school closing.) Cleveland television channels 3 & 8 (for certain) and local radio stations will list whenever Ashland Montessori school is closed.

If the roads are bad and you are not comfortable driving your child to school, please do not feel pressured to drive. We would much rather have you and your family home, safe and warm than have you taking an uncomfortable risk on the road!