Language area

The Language area is all about pre-reading and reading activities!  First, let me tell you that all activities in any Montessori School are called “works.” The works are all arranged to flow from left to right; from the most concrete to the abstract. That being said, the first works in “language” are matching works. Objects (fish,) pictures (cards of Nemo characters,) sea shells, and  pictures of flora and fauna. the next shelf in language has works of animal matching (and labeling, if you can,) matching pictures of  part-of-something to the whole of something (giraffes, ostrichs, and  camels. Next is another part-to-whole picture work, and again, zoo pix Mrs. Jones took a couple years ago. The bottom shelf is alphabet puzzles. The third shelf contains materials for teaching/learning the sounds of the letters in the alphabet!  The advanced language materials are in the  advanced room with Mrs. Howe. Oh yes, many trays and bowls/baskets in the language area are lavender.  Language = lavender, yes, i’m obsessive! 🙂