Montessori Poets Society

We have been talking about poetry this week. Poetry is writing that can make you feel happy or sad, you have to use your imagination‚Ķ Early in the week, the students were asked to close their eyes and think about “marshmallows.” Upon opening their eyes, they came up with these words: squishy, s’mores, plain, sticky, hot chocolate/cocoa, roasted – fire – smokey smell, white, cylinder, eating, gooey, smoochie, having a good time, and sweet.

Today they wrote this poem:

Smokey smell from a campfire
Roasted marshmallows.
Eating sticky, squishy, sweet, white cylinders.
Having a good time!
by the 2009 Montessori Students

We read the poem several times, it was okay. When the “reading” ended with “by the 2009 Montessori Students” there was a sudden, group intake of breath. The realization seemed to hit them –they wrote a poem! They are poets! How amazingly wonderful is that? ¬† 4054557958_1eb31e2a97_m