November 2013 Blog


This is our Veteran’s Day door. Thank you to all families that sent
in names of family members who served our country! On Veteran’s Day

we read each name, branch of the military and the name of the student
to whom they are related. We said “Thank You” to each family!

Ask your student about the poem they learned. “Hats Off! Along the
street there comes; a blare of bugles, a ruffle of drums; a flash of
color beneath the sky; hats off! The flag is passing by!” The
children did a super job of learning the poem. Many volunteered to
stand and recite it by themselves!

We are currently learning the parts of a turtle, (ask your child what a carapace is) in science, and the names of leaf shapes from the botany ┬ácabinet. In geography, we are working on the continents (and the animals that live there.) In the math area the “counters” have been changed to turtles and acorns. Many students are working on number books. The language area has alphabet works, matching, tracing, classifying by size, also by “before & after.” Many students are working on sound books! The practical life area has lots of spooning, tweezing, “tong-ing”, and wet pouring.

With colder temperatures, please make certain that your student has a hat and mittens! If the temperature/wind chill is above 27 degrees, we will go outdoors to play. For playing in the snow…snow boots (as opposed to fashion boots) are a must.