Science Shelves

In “science” we will learn about Air, Land and Water, why they are necessary and classification of animals that move in the air, on the land and in the water.  There is a mat to put on the floor with a scene on it. The children will place animals in the air, on the land & in the water. The next work is an 8 x 10 sheet that is white, brown and blue (air, land, water,) animals will be placed on each column. Next is a matching (star fish) work. The bottom shelf is a stamping/classifying work.  The second shelf is all about fish. Several puzzles, and a matching work are on this shelf. There is a wooden sea creatures puzzle, a nomenclature work – naming the parts of a fish, a sequencing work and the students may make their own “parts of  a fish” book. That rounds out the science area!