Second Semester!

The children were ready to be back. When we returned from winter break, the children quietly, joyfully got to work! Practical Life, Art, and  Language works have changed again. In Geography, the North American puzzle map has been uncovered and Canada has been introduced – leading to, for one thing, the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, in February.  As the time for the games gets closer, we’ll learn about some of them.  Mrs. Howe’s students are working on their North America maps and (world) planespheres!

In Science, we are learning about penguins! We have a life-sized poster of an Emperor Penguin and the children are measuring themselves against it. Emperor Penguins can be four feet tall!  There is a “parts-of-the-penguin” work on the science shelf as well as tracing works and a make your own book of penguin parts.  The math area has had other counting pieces swapped out for penguin counting pieces! Friday, January 22nd, will be “Penguin Day.”  We will wear black and white and do some fun activities.