We planted a salad!

On Monday morning the children put paper from our recycling box, into empty toilet paper tubes (to create a false bottom.) They stood the tubes, vertically, in a plastic storage box. Then mug-full by mug-full, they filled the tubes with potting soil.  When the afternoon group arrived, they planted seeds – radishes, snow peas, romaine and fancy lettuce.  As the seeds sprout, the tubes will be transplanted into out outdoor planters. We will have salad for snack for those who are willing to try! Hopefully it is a fun way to reinforce the lessons about recycling and to introduce a science lesson and healthy snack!

This afternoon, while the sun was shining, we released about 23 of our butterflies! As soon as we can catch another break in the weather, we will release some more. The children laughed as they held a butterfly, then released it!