Works on the Shelves are Changing

Practical Life works have changed. The difficulty has been increased by an increment or two, and nearly all the children are very busy. The favorite new work is probably “hand washing.”  Who knew it could be so fun? When you use an enameled ewer and basin and child-sized balls of soap it’s beautiful and fun!

Science shelves now hold works about apples (parts of) tracing, coloring, nomenclature…   We have also added “living & non-living.” (Living things eat, breathe and grow!) The children are classifying “fast & slow” animals as well as animals with “stripes & spots.”

Language shelves have been up-dated . We have had many demonstrations from the Sensorial area. The students are working in their shape books and sound books. Everyone is feeling a bit more comfortable with the schedule of the day.

The poem for this month is “I Like Apples.”   “I like apples; they are sweet  Eating apples cleans my teeth. Apples are so good to eat  I like apples; they are nature’s treat.”

Thanks for returning the Music Play and Photo Release forms!